General & Family Dental Services

Serving Families in Burlington, NJ Since 1983

Since 1983, the dentists and staff at Five Points Family Dentistry in Burlington, NJ have been dedicated to providing a full range of general dental services. As a family dental practice, we have the skills and experience to treat patients of any age and in every stage of life. Our mission is to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our patients, while providing personalized care in a warm, welcoming, and caring environment, We are committed to helping you and you family achieve healthy and bright smiles for life.

We truly care about you and are sensitive to your needs. Our practice utilizes state-of-the-art dental technology and techniques to ensure every patient is receiving the modern, thorough care they deserve.

Young female dental patient at a teeth cleaning appointment

Our dental services include:

Attending regular dental exams and teeth cleanings is an important part of maintaining good oral health. These visits are important for patients of every age. Our goal is to make these appointments as comfortable as possible for each patient. During your visit, we will remove any plaque buildup or tartar from your teeth and examine your mouth for any irregularities or signs or gum disease and oral cancer.

After a cavity is removed, fillings help prevent future decay by saving natural tooth structure. Composite or tooth-colored fillings provide a more conservative restoration option than silver/amalgam fillings. In addition, this type of filling can improve tooth stability, color, strength, and protect against broken teeth. Composite materials are carefully matched to your tooth structure and color, so it is virtually undetectable once it’s placed.

A dental crown may be your best treatment option if you have a tooth or teeth in an advanced stage of tooth decay. Like implants, bridges, or fillings, a crown restores function, strength, and aesthetics to your teeth. Dental crowns can be made from a range of materials and cover the remaining tooth structure. The materials used depend on the area of the mouth being restored.


For patients who have lost teeth due to injury, gum disease, or decay, a dental bridge can be utilized. This device is attached to remaining natural teeth to replace missing teeth. This helps prevent your remaining teeth from shifting, which can result in pain and discomfort. A bridge can be permanently attached or removable.


Dental implants provide patients with a permanent restoration option. It consists of titanium posts, which are surgically inserted into the bone beneath the gums. These posts fuse to the jawbone, providing replacement crowns, bridges, or dentures with a stable foundation.

After the posts are inserted, it takes about three to six months for the metal posts to fuse with the jaw bone. Once the area is properly healed, we will restore the implant. Your replacement teeth will look, feel, and function like natural teeth. In order to be a good candidate for this procedure, you must have sufficient bone structure.


Dentures provide a great restoration option for patients missing most or all of their teeth. For patients retaining some of their natural teeth, partial dentures may be recommended. Both partials and full dentures are designed to look like your natural teeth and enhance your smile. Our staff and doctors will work with you to determine which restoration option best fits your dental health needs.


Endodontic therapy — a root canal — is necessary when a cavity or infection has reached the pulp of a tooth. This procedure may also be necessary if you have experienced severe trauma to a tooth. During a root canal, the interior of the tooth is cleaned out and disinfected, and the infected pulp is removed. The canals of the tooth are then sealed to prevent future bacterial infections. To finish the procedure, the tooth is restored with a filling or crown, which creates added stability and strength. This restores the tooth to normal function.


When removing a tooth is the best option for restoring your dental health, a dental extraction will be performed. We will explore the available treatments with you, as well as replacement options for the tooth. It is important to replace the extracted tooth to prevent future problems with your oral health and surrounding teeth.


This type of dentistry uses a laser to restore function and aesthetics to a patient’s smile. Common laser treatments include teeth whitening, gum disease treatments, oral surgery, and cavity treatments. Laser treatments can also reduce the need for minimal bleeding, anesthesia, and controlled swelling.


Composite bonding is used to change the shape and color of a tooth, while helping it seamlessly fit with the rest of the mouth. This is a simple, low-cost procedure and is ideal for patients with broken, misshapen, or cracked teeth. The composite material we use can be polished to perfectly match the surrounding teeth.


Veneers are an ideal choice for improving your smile and correcting misaligned or crooked teeth. They are custom-made porcelain laminates that are applied directly to a patient’s teeth. A veneer looks and feels like a normal tooth and provides patients with an option that is resistant to dental bleaching. Porcelain veneers are also an excellent option for patients looking to close gaps between teeth.


Tooth discoloration is caused by a variety of factors including coffee, tea, smoking, and medication. Teeth whitening helps to effectively restore brightness and remove stains from your teeth. We provide safe, efficient and inexpensive teeth whitening solutions. To see if you are a candidate for teeth whitening, please schedule a consultation with our dental office today. We will help you determine which method best fits your needs and goals.


Our office is equipped to fit you for a custom night guard that will protect your teeth from grinding and clenching while you sleep. Night guards are placed over the top of your teeth and act as a protective layer between your top and bottom teeth. We will make sure your night guard fits comfortably and gives you the proper protection.


Invisalign clear aligners allow you to straighten your teeth without metal or wires. It uses a series of clear aligners to gradually move your teeth into the desired position. Many patients love Invisalign because it allows them to discreetly and effectively achieve the smile they have been dreaming of!

To see if you are a good candidate for Invisalign, please give us a call at 609-686-5700 today.

For more information about our dental services in Burlington, NJ or to schedule an appointment please contact our practice at 609-386-5700 today. We look forward to hearing from you!